[Flat] September Twelth


Had a ride today, got almost everything I wanted besides one clip because it got to dark. I’ll film it tomorow and put it up.

I have no pedals on because I stripped my right crank.

Music sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

And yet you gave it 5 starts on youtube… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool vid, congrats on the varialroll. Looked tight.

Haha and nice job riding pedal-less. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice. But the ton of hops on wheel kinda got repetitive. other than that, it was kool. did you just get the varial roll today?

Easy solution to pedal bites.

Nice tan line. (Oh yeah, I notice those kinda things ;))

My only one so far.
I would have got more if I had pedals.

nice, we should probably ride next weekend.

Edit: plus we can focus on more riding and less filming since my camera’s broke. Of course you could edit something up with your cam.

When you hover over 5 stars on youtube it says “Awesome”. If he rated it 5 stars he thought your video was awesome. You can still like a video even if it may have bad music rite? Lol eh nice riding anyway and the on wheel spins when you were hopping on wheel with legs infront of seat was cool.