[Flat] Selle Ah Merde


that is very impressive to do all that without a seat. just dont sit down :wink:

ta 1 equilibre de fou chapeau.

Jeez that was intense! 1 hand rolling wraps are definitely going on my tricks to learn list. I didn’t like the music though…

sooooo good… it takes intense control and balance to do all that flat one handed… PLUS you did all that stuff without a seat for most of the video which was really cool.

that was crazy. One handed rolling wraps look SOOO cool.

Watching that made me wonder if a round, padded wheel-type structure, attached to the seatpost instead of a saddle, might be great for unispins and other tricks. The round shape means you can grip it at any point and spin it fast and easily, and your hand can also hold it easier and more securely than the underside of a saddle.

I’m thinking of fashioning one for my trials uni. If anything, it might be an easier way to learn stuff. The wheel could be fairly small, like maybe 8’ diameter. This could turn out to be an actual “training wheel”!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Very impressive!


impressing :roll_eyes:
treyflip was insane !! :slight_smile:

You guys are crazy.:stuck_out_tongue: