[Flat] Quick Video


Hey, did some riding today; here is the result.
A few new stuff in there. Hope you enjoy. Injured my back a while ago so no super nice tricks though.



the 3x leg wrap on wheel was cool though.

What do you expect when you click on a flat video from me? Rolls? :stuck_out_tongue:
I got the fulloutflips today so I put them in there (also to fill time). Got them consistant.


like 270flip side
sick video!

nice man. 2sideflip was sick.

Yeah… My back hurts though and quick spins make it worse. Also was lazy as usual.

Nice video man. But i do agree it would be more exciting with a different range of tricks. Though of course with you i would expect it would be a HoT flat vid.

edit: i do agree that first clip is def very sweet.