[flat] Pink is new black

thanks for all your comments guys, it motivates me to do better again…

Pink was cool when it was “diffrent” now everyone wears/uses it. (fags :p)

Awesome vid. Crazy combos.

Love the smooth riding!

Keep it up.

Nice everything. That video was totally worth watching.

That was great! I loved the editing and everything. You are one of my favorite flat riders.

Uhhhg another video by an awesome rider I wont get to watch for the next 7 hours… stupid school blocking vimeo and work not having computers with internet.

AWESOME! Also loved the intro song. Loud Pipes by ratatat if I’m not mistaken.

Wow, this is one of the best videos I’ve seen. The tricks were great!

great vid…liked the editing and riding. your one of the few making flat look good and coming up with interesting combos these days.

I think Loic has the best looking flat combos. Elliots are great aswell but Loic’s are the best in my oppinion. Feel free to argue.

Holy cow! That was insane! You’re seriously defying the laws of physics when you ride! lol

avalaible on unicycle.tv