[Flat] Pedro Tejada - TAPE

Hello Guys and girls!

I made a small video last week and traveled so didn’t uploaded. Arrived today and uploaded it :wink:

It’s not my best I think, in both, riding and editing! I could put a lot more in there, but I’m working on another video for Wuko with Guilherme, so this one was like a teaser!

It’s all Black and White! I was trying to do something B&W but was hard, so i found this songs, took some old clips, filmed some and made that :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s already on Vimeo and Facebook. I’m uploading on YouTube but take some time with my slow internet connection (for upload)!

Thanks to Kris, Olaf, Adrien for some tips, and Pele to inspirie me to find the most useless name ever :smiley:

Hope you enjoy this video! Because I didn’t! lol…

Well, here it is:




EDIT: Please drop a comment!

Nicee Videoo
One of the best videos I have seen, you already know.
Keep riding and teaching me how to flat :smiley:

Boa mlk, abrss

Loved the flip to 1 foot wheel walk.

The video was good, I expext to see some great stuff from you later.

exelent video Pedro!


Whoa, sick video Pedro. You’re crazy

Now on UTV!


Watch: http://www.unicycle.tv/video/774-tape
Download: http://videos.unicycle.tv/774.tape.mov

Uploading FLV and WMV files! For now only MOV!

Thanks for the comments! Soon on YouTube!

I commented on Facebook. but I liked it…

Very good.

That’s a very nice video Pedro!!! You have progressed a lot since Unicon. But, isn’t dangerous to do flat on the street? :astonished: Those cars pass very close to you …

Anyway, good work Pedro, I can’t wait to see your next video. I hope you had a great time at the Wuko!


Hey Carlos! Thanks for the comments!

Oh about the cars, yeah it’s dangerous! but I usually don’t ride in the front of my house. I filmed that on christmas day and in the day before and there were not many cars on the streets, and I didn’t had time to go elsewhere!

You’ll see some of the spots where we ride in the next video, including a really nice one :wink:

Thanks about Wuko wishes! I hope to improve a lot with Adrien and the other guys. Nice times we had at UNICON Carlos… you said… UNICON is over but our head stills in there for some weeks…lol!

Thanks for the comments!

sweet vid! keep it up

cool video pedro:D
i also liked the crankflip to 1ft wheelwalk

That was good.

The flatland was really awesome, your getting so good in flat.

But I kind of expected more from you in like techy street and stuff.

But really cool video. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t call that a small video :stuck_out_tongue: But awesome tough Pedro, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Cool, I love the video too, I see your progress, conratulations! :wink: Put the vid on spanish forum, sure that it like to all!! :wink: :slight_smile:

cool video man!

really enjoyed it :wink:

liked the black and white

favourite clip: rollingwrap to backroll to varielroll :roll_eyes:




Nice one! That was really good. Loved the B&W approach too.

Thanks for all you are doing to help grow unicycling in South America.


nice seat in back to inside roll. the vid has a nice feel to it.

Nice tricks and video Pedro!

awesome video. you’ve improved a lot since your last one.