[Flat] Pat Lally- New Camera Test

Pat made a video with his new camera. He recently sprained his ankle so he’s not riding to his fullest ability quite yet. Enjoy his awesome style in HD.

that was sick! nice job pat! everything was so nice!

That was amazing, you have such great flow with all of that.

Thanks guys :smiley:

Really cool. The one handed outfifth looked amazing.

Very nice! all your tricks look very smooth.
And you did better then Forrest in flipping over the pool x)

Wasn’t Forrest trying to do zeroplant on the handrail to the pool?

Lol no idea, who cares it was funny anyway (;

Niiiiiiiice! your 7 spins look exactly like will Riley’s to me :stuck_out_tongue:

nahh he was trying to flip it i think, he doesnt have a hand rail going into his pool

that was insanely smooooooottttthhhhhh

good vid pat…what song was that?

Thanks man

The Plot to Bomb The Panhandle by A Day to Remember

awesome work man… i agree the one handed out fifth looked so so good. liked the full out double flip too :slight_smile:

That was a pretty sick video. That one handed fifth flip was by far the best part of the video. Also that scuff coast was sooooo long, incredible. Great job

:frowning: I live in the panhandle.

I convinced them not to bomb it :wink: