Flat or Trial


I have a huge problem!
I’m a trials and flatrider and i cant descide what of them i should go for?

I think trial is a lot more fun but i damaged my knee this summer and it has hurted all since that hapend.
I can’t practise highjump or even statichops!

I like flat to but it’s not that fun as trial.

The thing is that i don’t think that you can become a lot more skilled in trial when you are at the “expertlevel”.

In flatland you can allways learn longer combos and stuff like that.

What should i go for? Flat or Trial?

If you like trials, stay with trials. But first you have to heal your knee… Don’t let a little injury stops you doing what you like. I love MUNI and last year I got injured (I got 1 intervertebral disc destroyed in my back) and I couldn’t even walk good for about 10 months. I decided to heal as much as I can and I also spent some money for physiotherapies and now I can still ride, but I have to be very carefull what I do and I still feel some pain in my back sometimes, but it’s normal for that kind of injury. (+ I also have to do some exercises everyday for my back)
I will ride Muni till I can walk! :sunglasses:

The injury was old (from times I trained football) and it didn’t come because unicycling.

Just do both! Why do you really want to choose trials or flatland? I do both… well I ride flatland when I have nothing to do but I’d rather go ride trials. I just ride every style exept freestyle… I didn’t had to choose between all of them.


Just do both. Look at Elias Poham, he’s very good at trials and flat and street, you don’t need to restrict yourself to one of those…

I agree


But to be fair, he IS the best all round rider in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with all, why not? But he said flat isnt that fun. I ride muni and trials + sometimes flatland cuz its fun but i dont do freestyle or hockey, basket:-)

Flat is insane fun. 5x more fun with others.

I think trial become more interesting when you are on the ‘expertlevel’ :stuck_out_tongue:
In the begin it’s fun to jump on stairs…+ but if you become better in trials you can do A LOT more lines and it’s more fun.
You also never stop learning… look at Joe Hodges… He’s like the trial god, but he still is getting better.:stuck_out_tongue:

and flatland is fun to…
I think it’s more fun then trials when you don’t have somebody to ride with or live in a boring city :wink:
but flat is difficult!
trial is more fun because you don’t have to practise some kind of thing, you just have to ride a lot.
But If you don’t learn new combo’s in flatland you will never get very good + you also have to learn street tricks:)

=> just do both :smiley: I do both to (more trials, but still…)

Yeah, as about everyone else has said, why choose?

I think of a trials lines and flat combos as the same (except I think trial is more fun :p). You know, like hopping onto that skinnie is a trick in the combo, and gapping to a rock is the next trick. And if you do a couple of hops on the skinnie before gapping, it’s like hopping between a wrapwalk and backroll.

You could also mix them, like hopping onto a picnic table, then doing a wrapwalk and so on.

Can’t decide between Flat and Trials? If you can only pick one, make it Street. Then you have the best of both worlds, and you made a choice! But Then you’ll be stuck with it, so before you pick just one, I’d say give it some time. :wink:

+50 trillion