[Flat] old clips, New video by Kevin Smordal

Hello all unicyclist. I had these clips a while on my computer from summer 2008 and out to winter, so i mixed up this vid and here’s the result!

PS: The vid might not be done loading.




nice video…:wink:

i wanted to take the music for our vid for WuKo :roll_eyes: so i have to use an other one :o

awesome vid!:slight_smile:

good stuff!

iwanna ski down them mountains!!! oh ya nice vid

nice vid. I like how theres finally a style for the smaller guys to rock out with.

Wow. Nice video. Some really good combos in there.:slight_smile:

Wow, you really are amazing for your age. What do your parents feed you?!? lol:p

Dang! Liked your combos.

Thanks for all the replies guys :slight_smile: But i don’t think u want to ski :stuck_out_tongue: the green on the mountens is not grass if u tought that :stuck_out_tongue: its trees

Little people do seem to pick up flatland well. I wonder why???