[Flat] October 09


I’m not really happy with the way this turned out… I’m sick right now, and don’t feel like waiting til I’m better to film more, so I just edited the footage I had. Hope you enjoy it anyway.:o

I’ll post it on youtube and vimeo soon.




Awesome video eli :wink:

really liked the superroll to backroll (blind :thinking: ) side…

its harder than it looks like:D

Your Fifthvarials look really easy :stuck_out_tongue: haha

how can you be sick? your a robot born to ride unicycle.

Nice Vid Man, Heal up fast :wink:

Nice riding man! Certainly not your best video, but still awesome!

wtf^^? awesome!! really original and sick combo’s :):slight_smile:
the combo at :053 is soo cool :roll_eyes:

Very nice tricks and great riding!

cool vidoe! fifthvarials are awesome! i need to learn outfifths:p

keep it uP

Wow nice combos and tricks. Is that called a huge varialflip or a fifthvarialflip?

Thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

I call it a hugevarialflip, because if you take away the flip it still makes sense.

that was so awesome! i liked the combo where you crank idled on both sides.

Loooool getting tooo sick man. So awesome. I like how there was almost no rolling wraps.

Really really love your flat.

Nice Eli, that was so awesome. You’re getting really creative now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys :smiley:

Nice, vid Eli. Finally something of yours that I can post on Uni Lab.

Fifthvarials look sick.

awesome video liked so much of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the comments everyone:D

nice video Eli, you’ve really started to create your own style.

Thanks, Madison:)