[Flat] Max Rainey - 11/10/09

Max was all like “I NEED YOU TO POST THIS FOR ME”

So I said “OK, Max, settle down, I’ll do it.”

And then he slapped me across the face and demanded that it was done NOW.

So despite my need for an ambulance, and blood pouring out of a gash wound in my eye, here I am, posting the video for Maxwell.

Lol nice man.

I think you might actually be able to win a flat comp with these tricks.


The soonest flat comp I would do would be naucc '11 depending on where it is… and by then pat and eli will be so amazing. Plus Spencer and Matt will still be dominating…

Haha, it’s not like you’re not going to progress in that time period though :roll_eyes:

Some sick stuff in there. The 3spin on wheel from SIB-SIF stood out to me.

Neeeeeh I dunno. Ugly hands.

Some of those tricks are really cool, you should mix it up more though (and hop less :P)

I don’t know if I’ll compete next year.

Because it would be too unfair, or you can’t go? :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning:

Sweet riding max. My favorite was the late 270backflip-SIB.


great vid :slight_smile: