[flat] Les papys flateux

here it is, i took my time for filming and editing but it’s finally finished

i usually don’t use this kind of music for my editings so i didn’t have that much ideas, some people won’t like

– bobousse

NICE!!! F***ing sick combos in there! 2:31 and 1:40 were sick, monkey kicked(from different SWW) off a ledge. Favorited.

really sick vid guys.

the varial to outside to varial to flip was hot!

Wow! One of the very best uni vids I’ve seen! Great riding, filming, editing and I thought the music choice was excellent! It’s nice sometimes to use instrumental stuff because it compliments the riding without the distraction of lyrics!:smiley:

Very nice. Both of you have a really nice style. I don’t like how Pierre does his 3spins though (for some reason), but other than that you both have great skill and style.

That was awesome, some very inspiring riding. Thanks.

Yeah I’m not sure why you pick that music, but whatever :smiley:

Real cool flat stuff. And I love that sideways ww variation, cool trick to mess around with and it feels so much easier to control then normal sideways ww.

really awesome video. i loved it.

thanks for your comments guys

– bobousse

wow, that was the most fast paced aggressive flatland I’ve seen yet and the music fit it well.

now avalaible on unicycle.tv


– bobousse