Flat in autumn

a little flatland in autumn!

I love it! :smiley: you’re awesome at flat!


Niiice !!! :wink:


:astonished: Dude you’re crazy! The best adult rider in my opinion. I love how consistent you are, the line that started with 450-360-180… was so long, and I loved all the scuffcoasts. Your trials is beast as well, and nice job on varial rolls too. When you’re grinding it’s a lot easier if you hop strait onto the slanted part of the ledge instead of the flat part first, cause you don’t have to like change your lean. I don’t know if you were doing it on purpose but I think you’ll find the other way easier. You’re sooooo close to 180 out, you’ll get it soon. Also it looked like your heel was dragging a little too much, I think it was slowing you down, try moving your pedal to the middle of your foot instead of the ball so you can grind faster. Keep riding and making videos dude. :slight_smile:

Thank´s for the nice comment´s!

nice stuff man :wink:

I remember You from EUC and You are way, way better now! You must have trained a lot lately :wink:

Your trailer is really dope and impressed me .
I am also old rider like you:D
But you can make some hard tricks.
I really respect you as the same age!!:slight_smile:

awesome video! really enjoy it and the feel of it with the music. nice riding

Man, this video is incredible!!! I love all the lines like the 450-360-180-etc. that Julia mentioned. Great trials, some good street, amazing flat, keep it up!