Flat - Freestylevid from Hamburg


last summer I filmed Niko with his amazing freestyletricks. Finaly I found the time to cut it. Hope you enjoy.

that was great! I loved when he stood on the side of the wheel and spun around.

Nice! how long it take you to get that good?

that was awesome we loved it, mum thinks he does yoga or tai chi because of the control he has over his body and movements, is she right?, great video really liked it hope it gets alot of credit!

that was amszaing! your really good at freestyle.

I liked that a lot! I love the look of really long and controlled coasting.
It makes me want to learn more freestyle stuff.

that was exellent man.
oh how i do love a good freestyle video.


I’m really glad you like the video. Thank you for posting all the positive comments!

And I really have to thank niles for doing all the great filming and editing work!

I have been unicycling for 14 years, but with some breaks and not so intensive phases. I really picked up unicycling again about two years ago, after a serious knee injury (no sports for over a year…). Now I really appreciate it more, though learning new stuff is getting much slower at my age.

I never did yoga or Tai Chi though :stuck_out_tongue: Unicycling in itself is already a pretty good training I guess :slight_smile: And compared to all the top freestyle riders I don’t find my riding that elegant after all. Anyway, glad you liked it!

Cool vid.

What the heck was those series of tricks at 2:34-2:56? :astonished:

Wow that was amazing. It was the best freestyle riding I have seen since Kaori’s stuff. I was also pleasantly surprised at the Bjork song. She works really well for a freestyle video. The only bit of criticism I can give that might sound negative is that it would have been nice to have some sort of glidecam setup to help reduce wobble, and maybe a better camera, but those are both money issues so really don’t affect it. But really it would look soooo professional if you had those, as the riding was amazing and well captured.

O yeah 2:32 was amazing, that and the stand up seat on side wheelwalk with no hands nearly made me piss myself.

I realy like the fakiewheelwalkthings with one foot, because he doesn’t stop the wheel with the other foot like every other freestyler does (koosh-koosh).

i love watch freestyle videos

niko is a great riders
a lot of combos!

very nice!

Great Video !!! Top Riding, Top Editing and Top Music !

I think Niels will have no problem if someone send him a glidecam and a new Camera for free :smiley:

Very good video.

I so want to learn to glide.

Very good riding.

Its watching videos like this that show me that i have a long way to go :o

really nice

holy crap that guys good! How come i havent heard of him before? :astonished: