This is my new vidéo :



wow, cool editing on the opening titles.

The whole movie is amazing! Your balance is to die for :astonished: ! I liked the combination of freestyle and flat. 720 unispin was hot! That 1 foot on frame sideways ww is cool (it looks like a kh double crown would be useful for that) and that coast down that hill into the crowd of people was :astonished: . (amazing)
Yea, pretty much awesome, I subscribed. and faved.

Loved it. Always amazing stuff.

Loved that double legwrap to 1 foot crankflip. 720 was amazing too.

coasting through town was a great ending i loved it nice intro:)

you have the sexyest balance ever! i loved ur scuffing combos. simply amazing (indian accent)

You are by far the most balanced/flowy/insane freestyle flat rider I have ever seen.


That was awesome, I like to see flat combined with freestyle.

Really love your style!So clean, with so difficoult tricks!

The combos was also very nice,i really liked it.Added to youtube’s favorites :wink:

That was amazing. The combo at 1:02, it was so smooth and controlled it just looks like you’re dancing with your unicycle; not on it.

I love the way you sideways ww. So cool.

Very, very cool. Wish I could coast like that. Some awesome freestyle in there.

Thanks for your comments!

wow:D that was amazing.

really nice vid.

Beautiful flat vid! All I want to do now is ride like you do!

that was great. I loved the editing and the riding was crazy.
Sweet double varialroll and 720.

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amazing vid!!

quand on me demanderai “qui est ton freestyle rider favori” je répondrai: arthur!

Yeah! GO ARTHUR! On t’aime!