[flat/freestyle] krabbycycle

this is my new vidéo :

Enjoy !


your style is awesome and it´s nice to see a new video of you

Awesome video. This style is so crazy.

2:53 was my favorite clip:)

loved it! this flatstyle stuff is awesome!
i especially like the beginning titles! really imaginitive!

This video and Signature are probably my favorite videos.

I love your style.

PS, you coast funny, but it looks really cool.

Siiiick coasting. Wish I could do that soooo badly…

Impressive stuff !!! I think that you put some of the flatlanders, that everyone here raves about, to shame with your skill and smooth control. Would like to see more. Well done.

Awesome style, and some really sick coasts in there!!

Btw what is the length of your cranks?

Keep it up!!

Flatt is not my discipline, but allmighty…this coasting is as creamy as camembert!!!:smiley:
Would love to see the bail compilationvid,there must be some material!!
Cannot imagine that you float “angellike” around all the times…
Really good idea’s, riding and filming…

great vid and skills!!! :astonished:

I loved it, your style is so cool.

Not really my thing, but it was still awesome!

:Dthis video worth a comment for sure, so there is the comment! :smiley:

Added to favorites before it was even loading.

Love your style, and you emproved yourself so much!

I love your coasting.

wow… normal I hate to watch freestyle but your’s awsome!

Enjoy’d relly much… Keep it up dude

Thanks for your comments ! :smiley:


There is not many bails. I’m not “angellike” all the times, but I fall rarely violently !^^