[flat/freestyle] KH Doublecrown



in this vid you have the best flatstyle ever i think:D

Yes i saw this video the other day its really sweet. I love the trick at 0.40!
Oh and your jeans are very snazzy:D:D:D

That’s actually just me falling of played in reverse. I wasn’t expecting so many people to think that its an actual trick. You can tell because the people in the background are walking backwards.
And thanks, I like the purple jeans;)

WOW it looks like you swing the uni and sorta jump on but i didnt realise the people were walking backwards :stuck_out_tongue: Still if it was a trick the awesomeness would have fitted in well with the other tricks :smiley:

+1 :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really like flatland, but this is epic! 5stars!

Nice to see someone using the double crown as it was intended to be used.

sick video homes! i love those shoes haha…im so stoked for the 10 party in CA!

Last trick was hot.

Very nice riding, I like how your riding flows well.

your jeans are the best on the whole video :smiley:

so cool.

freestyle and flatland: sooo cleaan

Already watched this on unilab enjoyed it there and here.:smiley: I do believe you are the first person I have seen use the double crown frame like that.

Awsome as always :slight_smile:
Really funny that people take care about a purple Jeans, 20 to 30 years ago it was absolutly normal to have purple, red, pink, green or striped jeans.
Spencer is for sure one of the most stylish Flatlander all over the world! (even if my 180 is sooo stylish:D )

What tire is that??? Great video btw- its my favourite flatland one!! :smiley: :smiley:

So sick Spencer, your control is smooth and your tricks are incredibly technical, my only complaint: you don’t make enough videos, I want more.:smiley:

Haha, i remember this video made me want to ride flat ages ago.
Then I realised i suck, so I learnt trials. :smiley:

it seems to be the Maxxis Grifter. This is standard tire on the KH 20" FLat Uni and it is a really great tire at all. WOrks perfect for the 20" wide KH rim but also on normal 20" rims it is a good choice. This tire is ultra light by the way

olarf, wasnt the maxxis grifter released recently?
this is a fairly old video.

only Spencer will know it 100% safe but it looks like a grifter and the grifter is availiable nearly 2 years now so it is also possible. I’m sure Spencer will confirm it or tell us if I’m wrong. Actually he is at UGames I think.