Flat Four An Hour


A little flat vid. made in my bacement

It’s set to private.


edit: Crap, you beat me to it.

It’s set private.

what do you mean with

“it’s set to private”

Når du ser videoen, så under søgefeltet er der en hængelås. Tryk på den, og du bliver spurgt om du vil gøre videon offentlig. Det svarer du selgfølgelig ja til, og vupti, alle kan se den. Så vidt jeg husker er det sådan man gør.

in your setup of the video, its not able to be viewed by anyone but yourself, or anyone who has a password.

i dont use vimeo, so someone else probably knows how to set it as public.


Alright now i have changed it :smiley:

tak Sigurd, men jeg fandt det uden :b

That crankflip looked badass

Works for me… Good video… The fisheye seems kinda weird though. It occupies a little less than half of all the clips. It was enjoyable.

yes it’s working because of i have change some thing to the video so you can see it :smiley:

New Title:

Flat in my Basement

Nice video! I like the slo-mo and the music gives it a surreal quality. Good job,:smiley:

thanks :smiley:

Haha, you don’t post videos :wink:

As for the vid, the slow motion was a bit much, and the fisheye too, but good riding :slight_smile:


Nice. I wish i could do any crankrolls.

i also love to do them :smiley: i nearly landed a dubble rolling wrap yesterday… :slight_smile: