(flat)-forrest rackard

hey guys.

its my first flat vid, so give me a break.

I know its gonna be awesome already
(i haven’t watched it yet)
Edit: first post!!!

You made that fithflip look like it was as difficult as a 360 unispin. Good Job!!!

Cool, I liked the backroll to monkey kick. Your fifth flip was so clean too, good job.
Should have more rolls and less flips though;)

WOW!!! Your fifth flips are soooooo clean and awesome!!! You are getting so good!! I loved the video and the editing. We need to ride soon I really want to land doubleflips.

dude that was a huge improvment in a short time.

loved all the rolls and clean fifth flip!

Im with spencer you should do more rolls :slight_smile:

yea u sure learned the fifthflip fast. good job.

Crazy! You’re progressing so fast!
Great vid!

naw… im not a big fan of rolls the get kinda anoying. even though i cant do them :stuck_out_tongue: i like his fast pace movement. good. liked it. i usually dont like flat.

thanks guys.:slight_smile: does anyone have any tips for the outside roll?

For me its easier to put my foot on the tire before I put my other foot on the crank. When I was learning it I would roll into it and jump off and put my left foot on the right crank first and the uni would shoot away. When I ride right into it and put my right foot on the tire first then I have more control over the wheel and it only moves when I push it. Good luck

alright thanks. i appreciate it.

sweet video… but spencers is right rolling tricks look so much better done on flat then filp tricks if your ganna do flips stick with street.

Good work Forrest. Nice clean fifths. I should really learn 540’s.

what, wait you can 540? Wow man thats pretty crazy…you good tho, you should play unitrix…

Read it again, honey.


I just saw Bee Movie. You’ll have to pay the bee’s for saying the Hon… word.