[flat] flat four

No Flip In Flat :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorited this vid to show people what Flat is, super nice job, wow!

that is amazing i couldnt imagine being that good your body just moves in a flow


I see you didn’t decide to use any of my name ideas.:stuck_out_tongue:

Such a great video. Great style, great skill. The style kind of reminded me of Enzo just a bit. I love how you just build up combos like that, very creative.

mad combos man, love it! looking forward to seeing u at unicon!

amazing vid :astonished:
You are so sick.
your are my favorite flatland rider realy!
Your uni is also very cool.
I like orange:p

I am sorry, i do not know what to say…
No words can describe how AWESOME that was!
You are by far the best flat rider out there, and the reason i wanna learn.
Keep up the sick work!

Thanks everyone,

It is a KH wheel too. For a few clips I had k1 street cranks on my KH wheel before I started using the moment cranks. I really like my current setup.


Like real friggin B-boy sheeit.

May i take credit for giving you the song?


That was hands down the best flatland video i’ve ever seen.
Smooth as butter.
GREAT job spencer!


I have a feeling why there is no Bay session on his website. Good call on that my friend. I’m excited to ride with you again. Very impressive video. I look forward to your next one ;).

-Shaun Johanneson

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Best flat vid ever!!!

I loved the fast pace combos w/ many tricks in them.

Those were the fastest multiple crank rolls I’ve ever seen.

That was awesome, new favorite flat vid. :slight_smile:

wow that was so sick. always enjoyable to see the new stuff ur coming up with im really likeing the new combos alot.

the webpage is super fancy looking to. nice job on that

jon A

Hey what are those on your moment cranks near the axle? It looks like some sort of extender for flatland. :roll_eyes:

Awesome video.

one of the best clips i’ve ever watched. honestly, i hope that you don’t the way of those who got good around your age only to quit by the time they reached 20.

this is the kind of flow that i’ve been craving in videos/clips post-Defect. it’s definitely up there with the best of heaton’s and baldwin’s video output.

keep up the good work. don’t put too much pressure on yourself. flatland is indeed moving and progressing very nicely now.