[flat] flat four

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Youtube (Only if everything else fails)

Spencer, I love you… hahaha, great video! you are my new favorite rider and the reason I’m trying to learn flatland. Seriously though great video and keep riding or I’ll kill you… hahaha


That was positively redonculous.

Sick. Great song for your ridding. As per always with your vids, this will take me a few views to fully understand some of the combos. Loved it, very nicely done.

Getting better and better and smoother

Keep up the riding!

Nice video

beautiful and intricate. :slight_smile:

Very creative, awesome.

Spencer you became better and better!
the stepoverwalk to 540 unispin at 1:37 (i don’t know the name of the trick) was sick!


Awesome video again !!! I put also the flash and wmv version on utv now.
Don’t miss Spencers new Homepage at www.uniflatland.com

respect !
great video
great new homepage:)

spencer your a god!:slight_smile:

seriosly though awsome vid.

all hail spencer!

i’m just gaping!!
this is surely the best video i’ve seen since a long time!
you have a really different style, that’s why i loved the video!
and everything is perfect in, the background is always beautifull, the light is no too strong, not too dim, the filming is pleasant, and the music is good too!
that’s is not like with some others movies, with that one, we want to keep watching untill the end!!

great job man!


(ps, i don’t know if you remember me, but we meet at the wuko3, i arrived the thirsday at midnight, with an other french guy… i did the “no pedals” trick during the best trick competition!)

Like always, very impressed with this new video.
See that there is no more black domina frame, good call from you.
Those frames are just extremely weak.
KH frame wil work beter for flatland.
But, great job on the video, will visit your site now to.

Peter M


Amazing! Some of the combos I thought you were done but then you just kept going!


sick!!! was that a k1 wheelset on a kh frame? or was it a kh wheelset too

That was so ill.:stuck_out_tongue:

No really, that was amazing, so many awesome lines, awesome editing and music was pretty good.

Really awesome, the ducks were funny, and it was hilarious when you chucked you uni to the ground.

Best viddy of yours I would say, Keep it up.


Awesome Video!

Clean riding… Your crank rolls are so floww… and your combos are getting bigger! :wink:

I just missed your crank flips :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I loved your lines in this video… you is better than never!

And congratulations about your site… I really liked the photo gallery… but i think that you should post the Bay Sessions in the video gallery too… :smiley:

Bye… :smiley: