[flat] flamed unicycle

i didn’t post it there yet, it was on facebook, but for those who doesn’t have any facebook account here it is :wink:
no big tricks but enjoy anyway

thanks to yoggi for the filming/editing

Y’a un mot de passe à la vidéo…

The vimeo video is password protected!
What’s the pass?

sorry it was the wrong link, here it is http://vimeo.com/22992264

Ahhh i’m glad i asked, it looks really cool with the fire!

Really like that sideways crab walking thingy you did! (Sorry i don’t know technical names :roll_eyes: )

Now, this is an awesome idea. Needless to say it’s well executed.

That was awesome! Really great idea! The setting was also really cool in front of the castle. And as always the riding was very nice, especially with a flaming unicycle!

thanks for the comments :wink:

That is a really cool idea, I can’t imagine trying to do that though, talk about burn city.

I’m nowhere near that good at flat, but I have done the exact same thing. With the flaming pedals that is. I have performed with a fire dancing group a few times, and it is a lot of fun!! Nicely done! :smiley: