[Flat] Eli Brill (WATCH QUICKLY)

Ok, so a friend of mine got a camera. He filmed and edited part of a video for me. As of right now he’s not talking to me. I’m not quite sure what I did, but I think everyone should see this before he deletes it. This is not even half of the combos I landed…

password: 12345

-Eli Brill

P.S.- I understand that it’s not good to throw the unicycle. That was a particularly frustrating combo.

Wow, sick
Long time ago i enjoyed flat that much
Last combo was so cool and editing was good too

Thank you:) It is a shame he will not send me the rest of the footage. There were many other nice combos filmed…

Dude, ask the guy how much he wants for the rest of the footage!
you’re so good i’d pay to see it! :smiley:

Haha awesome vid Eli. 360 side out of the glide was insane.

So is this kid mad at you or something? why isn’t he talking to you?

He just started being mad at Eli for some reason. I don’t know why.

Amazing how you make it look so easy…which it isn’t! But that’s the mark of a great rider; to make it look flowy and “organic”, like each successive moves grows naturally from the last.

Nice video, you could download it off of vimeo if you didn’t want to lose those clips.

He slept at my house like two weeks ago. I gave him a unicycle, he broke the frame, and I let it slide (he welded it back together, but still…).

He said these exact words to me two nights ago: “dude, haven’t you realized that everyone at school hates you this year? it’s not just me…”

I honestly have NO idea what I’ve done wrong. And I honestly had NO idea that anyone hated me… I was under the impression that I was a relatively likable guy.

Anyway… I’ve decided to just show it on the forums until he sees it and decides to delete it. I tried explaining to him that it would be quite a bit more respectable to simply finish the video, or at least send me the footage and then start hating me, but he refuses. It’s really a sad situation.

I hope you enjoy the footage that has been released, although I wouldn’t say these were the best combos I filmed…

Thanks everyone for the comments! I think I’ve found my niche with this flatland.

Damn sounds like you need a new friend!

It’s all good. I’ve got a couple other friends :wink:

I’m your friend eli:D. If you consider all your unicyclist friends, you probably have tons more friends than that person.

Hahaha yes, I’ve really met a lot of great people through unicycling. :slight_smile:

slow down, you’re going to make me look bad :smiley:

but really, your riding is awesome. Loved the 3side out of gliding. The last combo was very nice as well.
Not a fan of the double superman thing, but I’ll let that slide :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about that with all the other clip he will not send you, but the video was just awesome! I love the 360 side out of the gliding and i kinda like the 2x superman :wink:

Keep it up :smiley:

Hahaha Spencer, that was actually more of a joke trick than anything. I think it looks funny :roll_eyes:

Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile:

that was so good. awesome video!
i loved all the combos.so nice and creative :slight_smile:

i like it soo much :wink:

how did he break the frame? :thinking: On purpose? or was he trying to learn, was it a rubbishy frame?
And you’re name on youtube is uniHated am i right, therefore you should have seen this coming!
I was in the same situation like a month ago, the whole thing came as a massive surprise and i didnt get it at all.
Turns out it was just a couple of people who liked having a bit of a bitch about me behind my back, such great friends :smiley:

Yah, I knew a kid like that. Don’t worry about it guys, no big deal. Just be as kind as you can to him.

Nice riding man! Almost make me not want to sell my uni!