Flat dreams

I made this video about a week ago iโ€™m hoping one day to be so good in flat one day that i can be measured with the " Big Ones". :smiley:

Please comment and Give tips. :slight_smile:

Ps: I have also learned 2x wrap-walk to backroll and wrap-walk to outside roll :wink:

Lookinโ€™ good!

really cool stuff in there, but your edit could be alot betterโ€ฆ:wink:

Thanks both of you :slight_smile:

UniPsyco do you got any tips for editing?

I actually really liked the editing, and the riding. Just gotta start stringing together some of your flatland for some awesome combos!

Thanks alot!:slight_smile: Im working on getting the varial rolls so hopefully next vid will be better :roll_eyes: