Flat dreams 2

This is the second video in my flat dreams series :roll_eyes:

(First video 1 month ago)

(Second video)

Please comment :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet video! You’re getting really good!:smiley:

Nice, man! You’re getting really good!

edit: wow I didn’t realize that I pretty much copied the guy above me.

I liked the rolling wrap down the curb and the trampoline part with the latehick.

WOW! You have some great flat skills. I loved the trampoline crank flip/ wrap!!

very good riding :smiley:
you did some really nice flatcombo’s !!! :slight_smile:

and the music/editing were also very good :wink:

Thanks to everyone for comments :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: nice Film!

I liked this video, nice musics and editing, but why “flat DREAMS” ? I don’t want to be hangry, but your level isn’t good enough in order to call your video as a dream no? Maybe there is a reason?

how long do you ride?

Can you explain what part Adrien Delecroix had in this video… I dislike that he is put in the credits (by you so you get more views?), and I am not watching this video or any others by you if that isn’t removed… I hate people who do stuff like this just so they can get more views…

Sorry if it wasn’t you who put him in or if he editted it or had some legit reason to be in the credits (not like “he inspires me to ride”)…

Lol, it is just called flat dreams cause i got a dream to be a good flat rider:p

I have been riding for 1 year and 5 months;)

I’m sorry if that affended you, and i will take it back as soon as possible, but it was just to see how my freinds would react on it, but sorry again :stuck_out_tongue: