Flat Discussion Thread

I would do that but chances are that they won’t be $12 like they are right now :wink: (My 07 post lasted more than a year anyways so I figure it should work well for a couple months)

two month ago i started with flatland and now i can do 90° and 180° unispins,backroll,rolling wrap,zero plant,leg arounds,hop on wheel and stand walk. which tricks should i learn next?or which combos are easy to learn? i need some easy tricks so that i can learn the tricks till wunschkonzert;)

360 unispins, varial rolls, rolling wrap to backroll, rolling wrap to rolling wrap, leg around to back roll, try and combine the tricks you’ve learned into combos of multiple tricks put together:).

i think i finally shoes that last loçnger than other
i have “nike skeet” for one month now and i think it’ll be ok for one more

anybody got a quick tutorial on rolling wraps and inside wraps??

I made a tutorial on rolling wraps. It’s in the Articles and Tutorials forum. Check it out. I don’t know what an inside wrap is???

yea ironically i found that tutorial right after i posted my question…i can’t wait to start working on them. and i don’t know what an inside wrap is either, but someone suggested learning it. so yea

lol, good luck.:slight_smile:

Maybe an inside roll?

That’s just a backroll where your body is facing the the side of the uni as opposed to facing the back of the uni.

Hey, Je devine que tu va regarder sa Émile, mais, Premier Truc de Flat a apprendre?

I thought it’s like this?(inside of heel facing wheel on inside portion), basically the same thing except for body positioning.

No… a backroll is a type of insideroll. A backroll is the type of inside roll where the rider moves backwards (duh!)
An insideroll can move sideways or backwards.

I think “backroll” shouldn’t be used. A backroll and inside roll are the same trick, it doesn’t matter which way your upper body is facing, the way you stand on the uni and the way everything moves is exactly the same.
The name for an inside roll matches with outside roll so it should be kept.

If there are only two types of inside rolls, and the other one has a different name, then why don’t we just name them separately; inside roll, and backroll?

If there was another type of roll that your heel would be inside, then I guess the category of insideroll would be appropriate, but if there are only two, then whats the point?

Just my 2 cents.

nice!i liked the last one very much. i will try it today :slight_smile:

EDIT: i learned it today:D
now i would like to learn varial roll. has anybody tips for it?

a few things that I did was that I stood up (wasn’t crouched over) and worked the trick into steps.

I would. Just do trial and error for what works best for you , that’s what I did

Va chier :smiley: … mais, de base?

I landed that like right before I saw this video.

So, the rollo discs are out of stock. Wow. Bummed out on that one. How many were there to begin with?

Looks like my birthday will be missing something this year. :frowning:

Way to sell the last 10 sets in stock to s dealer… cough bullshit cough