Flat Daniel Adelander uni for an hour

Hi! Heres a short vid I made in an hour enjoy!Finish

Url:: http://www.unicycle.tv/video/743-DanielAdelanderflatforanhour
Video:: http://videos.unicycle.tv/743.danieladelanderflatforanhour.wmv

Please drop some comments

Nice dude. Liked some of those last combos.

was that a hick double or hickgtriple?

very cool video really like the 7 spin!


Man, I wish I could flat like that!

What was up with the blank screen at the end?

Cool, it looks like when you do the scuff/donkey coast you have your foot on the tire to catch your balance. I think I’ll try it like that. You should land the transitions one footed but its a really good vid for an hour.

wow amazing for an hour…thats consistency right there. try editing alittle more next time…itll make it a ton more enjoy for people watching

That was really cool riding. Also, I’m impressed you compressed your video to 7MB, but I honestly wouldn’t mind spending more time downloading a better quality version if at all possible.