[flat] Daniel Adelander Double crown

Url:: http://www.unicycle.tv/video/700-DanielAdelanderDoublecrown
Downlad:: http://videos.unicycle.tv/700.danieladelanderdoublecrown.wmv

Im back with a new vid with my new Double Crown! A huge Thank you to Staffan Krol Brevinge for the really good editing. Dop a comment or two, enjoy!

SWEET! Dude, seriously! Sick freakin’ flat!

Wow… Some of the best flat I have ever seen… Body varial on wheel was nice to see again (Elliot in Unicon flat comp did it). Nice to see you used the double crown to do Sideways wheel walk with seat on side. Varial roll to varial roll to reverse varial roll was just amazing…
Nice donkey coast! 3:08 Was crazy good! you continued the combo after a donkey walk!!! The donkey walk to hop on wheel was pretty cool too.

What was that trick in the first combo (:21)? it looked like a wierd variation of a varialroll.

318 mb? Holy cow! I’ll start DLing now so hopefully it’ll be finished by tomorrow! :wink: Maybe a Youtube option also?

Edit: I tried to view it from the url link, but it says I need to download the plugin, which is Media player 11. I already have that very version! So I don’t know why it’s telling me I need it. :thinking:

awesome vid. it only let me download half though:(

great riding. the combos where sick and amazingly long!

couldve used a change of backround tho

i cant get unicycle tv to work… could someone put it on youtube plz?

For everyone that wants the youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ1F2aPP7Yg

That video was awesome, long combos, great tricks :slight_smile:

Hey Daniel!

Sick Video… Was really cool to watch… Your combos are awesome now!

And man, how was your kehbab?

Dam you have frigging awesome ballance and control. I dont even like flatland but that was amazing.

A year ago I wouldn’t have thought this was possilbe… it’s amazing to see such complicated and difficult lines pulled off so smoothly. I have no idea how you are able to stay in control so well, it’s really mindboggling!

Can’t wait for your next one.

I am going to kill you so hard that you die :wink:

good job!

please note: normal, sane people should not be able to understand this post.

Wow… Very impressive. This is how flat should be done.

The riding is slightly ugly… (no offense) but the combos easily make up for it.

I have seen at least 1 video that had the first song (Xavier Colloses) and I have seen at least 2 videos with the second song (Krisz and Benyo Spring break and some old german trials video).

The editing and filming was kinda mediocre, but again, this video was quite incredible.

Screw that.

wow sick riding!!

I’m just amazed by you center of balance, its perfect! Those no push roll tricks are crazy amazing and your combos are really awesome! I was hoping to see some tricks that are exclusively made for the double crown though.

There were a few, but I wouldn’t call them exclusive.

I was impressed with all those reverse rolling wraps that were put in combos, and the number of tricks in one combo.

I counted 7 for one combo.

You are pretty damn awesome.


Sweet vid.

No fair, he uses Rollo Disks jk
But I’m surpriced nobody else noticed it…
These disks seem to make flatland tricks allot easier.
Amazing long combo’s

Very smooth riding. That was awesome. I like how you have your uni configured with the double crown in front. I wasn’t expecting people to do that.