FLAT CROWNS.. are OVERRATED! (read in Street and Flatland riders)

yo all, this is almost a rant, im just a bit tired of seeing so many people demanding flat crowns here and there when thye dont need it at all or even know the backlashes of it. for example in every single custom frame thread people keep saying get a flat crown get a flat crown even if it is not meant to be a street or flatland frame… its stupid

which brings me to my next point:

For Street and Flatland riders… seriously tell me, how many of your tricks need a flat crown? No, really…

This is all I can think of:

  1. Gliding
  2. Coasting (and all of their variations)
  3. Donkey Kicks (and their variations)

seriously i cheked out loads of flatland vids, and the crown is hardly ever touched. I watched the CFM flat battles and i reeckon that someone like spencer hochberg could have won the whole battle on a frame like the XTP! I bet you an xtp user would have done well in that comp… No one really even did that much on their crowns i mean for gods sake flatland tricks involve things like:

crankrolls, tyre-step-overs, legwraps, unispins, and linking this combos together… A flat crown is not necessary!!!

And hohoho for you street riders… you really dont need a flat crown at all… seeing as all we do in street is flip variations, unispins, grinding, rolling hopping, spinning, etc… but we never really need to use the crown at all!

I think the only reason why most riders would even need a flat crown is so that they can Coast and Glide… that’s it! Aside from that, a flat crown has no real benefits… all it does is bash your legs on sloppy hops and stuff and looks a bit crap too. Thnk about it guys, logically, and THEN and only then, try to argue against me.

FREESTYLE RIDERS AND UNICYCLES ARE LET OFF… because the crown forms half of their tricks… whereas flatland and street hardly touch the crown.

dude!! we have flat crowns because they are so totally cool!! All the other people have them!! :smiley: Who cares if they hurt us! hahaha

It is so kind of you to care so passionately about what designs of unicycle other people choose to ride.

To get angry at what you perceive to be problems in a stranger’s life or life choices is the first step to fascism.

Having displayed such campaigning zeal for the welfare of the knees of complete strangers, perhaps you could join the Red Cross or something?

yeah or make your own uni company? so that we will all by your unis that dont have flat crowns! Although i would probably much rather stick to my Nimbus. But thanks for caring hahaha.

I am a trials rider. But I want to be able to do all styles of riding on my unicycle and if I am in the mood to glide a little bit or do stand up I dont want to switch my frame. By the way I never hat problems with bashing my leg or knees on a flat crown. I think bashing something on the frame is overated for example Joed Hodes uses a flat crown frame now.

1 foot coasting, coasting, gliding, donkey kicks. Im sure theres some more. .

and he bashes his shins a lot…hated it… back to the black xtp now.

I guess flat crowns are just a thing for fun, whenever you feel like gliding or whatever. But it certainly isn’t completely necessary, I know. But I do agree, it is really overhyped when most people can’t even make the most out of it, such the case why i avoided a completely flat crown for my frames, and a KH/Domina style crown would have been weak for thin titanium tubing anyway…

Because you have no freestyle skills and never will with that attitude. You don’t even have enough imagination to conceive of how you could integrate other skills into your riding and instead choose to bash those who do.

AMEN, Preach it brotha, i was thinkin it but didn’t wanna say it

I’m normally not antagonistic in my posts. And that reply was out of character for me. But the whole tone of manicpanicmuni’s post just invited such a reply.

There are non-flat crowns available for those who don’t want a flat crown. UDC has a round crown Nimbus that fits a trials/street wheel. The KH and Triton frams merge a round crown and flat crown design to minimize the leg bashing edge on the crown. The market has choices. If you don’t like the flatish style crown on the Koxx-One and similar street frames then you can choose something else. No need to berate others for choosing something you don’t personally agree with.

^^^^ i agree, i like flat crowns…and it just seemed like a really weird thread

I do a bit of all styles and ride a semi-flat crown, or the Nimbus II frame. Both are great frame designs, and work wonderfully.

All I need is a little section to put my foot on and im very secure when im doing anything on the frame. I dont need some huge flat platform.

You’re fired. Some Aussie’s might get that. I said it because a Santa from a shopping centre apparently got fired for saying ‘hohoho’ because it could offend women.

Flat crowns are grouse. Look at Luke for example, he’s always doing spins and flips to stand up wheel walk on obstacles. That’s street isn’t it.

Xavier Collos does a LOT of stuff on the crown.

I think that manicpanic here wants to feel that the XPT frame is worth it. It isn’t, especially when the Sponge Triton frame came out. Stop whining about this, it’s their choice.

-only fits Koxx One hubs.

Triton Sponge:
-fits every hub there is.

You pick one :roll_eyes:

Peter M

I dont think he was trying to make the XTP to be a worthy frame, cause it still is.

He was just using it because its a non-flat trials frame and you can still pull off quite a bit of street and flatland tricks on it.