{flat} bobousse fall 2011

here’s a small vid i did the last few days, didn’t took that much time on riding/filming/editing, was to lazy to spend more time on it
here it is anyway :wink:

I loved the last roll. Crazy creative stuffs. Also your uni looks really nice.

Great video! The location, filming and editing were really nice. The riding was amazing too, I loved the varial roll-overflip!

Must be nice to get Impact Uni’s…Very limited in the states :frowning:

This is really really good Bobousse. I loved the fast-paced edit, and, as usual, great style and originality.

I don’t really like the style, looks rather robotic.

No offence.

i really like your creative combos! and that bail looked pretty good too :wink:

good an creativ as always!!!