Flat Battles EUC09 part 2 (junior)

Sorry for the delay but my Harddisk want to destroy this files and so I had to repair them which was some work and needs time but finaly it work out good so you will find now the 4 junior battles also online. Enjoy them!

Url: Marcus vs Lorenz
Video: download

Url: Raphael vs Max
Video: download

Url: Lorenz vs Max
Video: download

Url: Marcus vs Raphael
Video: download

wow marcus and raphael was really close! who won?

My vote would have to go to Raphael even though Marcus pulled that 900 out for the final trick.

Raphael won but it was 5 to 6 votes so very close.

Wow, that was an awesome flat battle! I love watching battles of people my age, for some reason it’s more fun.

I loved Marcus’ 900 unispin, that was incredible.


I voted marcus to win, vs raphael, but raphi won. For little, as olarf says.

Both are so good, anyway

I think it was close but ralph landed more hard tricks but if marcus would have been a little more consistent he would have won :wink: The 900 was aaaaawesome. Go Sweden! :smiley:

It´s Raphael not Ralph