Flat Battles EUC09 part 1

We upload the first 5 battles we did in live editing while the Flatland competition at EUC09 summer edition in Buthiers / France.

We hope you like to watch them in full length.

Url: Adrien vs Loic
Video: Adrien vs Loic download

Url: Adrien vs Krisz
Video: Adrien vs Krisz download

Url: Elliot vs Loic
Video: Elliot vs Loic download

Url: Elliot vs Krisz
Video: Elliot vs krisz download

Url: Mary vs Sophia
Video: Mary vs Sophia download

The junior battles will follow soon!

Wow adrien completely owns :smiley:
Still downloading others :roll_eyes:

oh my god
adrien is my new favourite person in the whole world!

Mary vs Sophia: Hard to say who I thought should have won. It was close, but Mary was more consistant.

Adrien vs Loic: If Loic landed the tricks he wanted to this would be very close. But he couldn’t land most of his tricks while Adrien did.
Adrien’s 900-90 was very impresive.

Elliot vs Krisz: Krisz’s backroll doubleflip :astonished: .Elliot’s flatland tricks looked better but Krisz did a bunch of nice long combos.
Elliot’s 720 sidespin was very nice looking.
Krisz’s quad was :astonished: .

Elliot vs Loic: If Loic landed his last combo I think this should have been the battle where they tied.
Elliot’s 630 always impresses me. And Loic’s late 720 :astonished: ! Very nice!

Adrien vs Krisz:
Adrien’s 1:57 combo… :astonished: . I think Adrien should have won.

Wow, adrien just busted out that 900 sidespin!!! That was sick!!!

Big thanks for posting them.

Man Adrien’s spins are amazing. Krizs’s wide range of tricks is very nice, even without 7spins and sidespin tricks he keeps up with Adrien.

Still loading them all, cant wait to watch them

Thank you for the fast upload, UTV Rocks ;)!

i think spins aren´t all, for me krizs´s quadflip is so impressive then adrien´s 1080 maybe even more :roll_eyes: but the most people just say omg adrien did a 1080 :roll_eyes: IMO

wow XD may I know the #1 #2 #3 plz? In my opinion:

  1. Adrien and Krisz (tie)
  2. Elliot
  3. Loic

I dont think Adrien and Krisz should have tied. I think Adrien won IMO

tie in a competition is stupid in my opinion… cmon…

in a dif thread (cant remember which) someone said that the judges were split evenly except one and he/she couldnt decided so they declared a tie. i reckon they should hav put it to the audience if the judges couldnt decided

also wens the trial vid coming out?

They ask the judges two times and both times one judge dont make a decission (it was each time a different judge which makes it more strange). To ask the audience was tested last year and dont work realy so Adrien and Krisz was asked to decide if they want to do a tie or if they prefer to take both together the first place. So they decide to share the first place.

So the Problem was the fact that first one and then another judge decide to dont vote :thinking: Normaly an odd number of users prevent that problem but not if one judge dont vote and then another one. All over a bad situation for sure but I think a good decision to let decide the rider then what they prefer.

Jim arrive back home yesterday and he has the 2 tapes from Trial we did so it need some time before he edit it for sure but maybe some other bring trial footage online before.

ok great! thanks