[flat] back to ride

here’s my new vid flatland and street, my first vid since i broke my foot…



– bobousse

i like it what kinda uni u recommend for flatland…i really like the hop up to wheelwalk to 180 wheelwalk back in the begining

here are links on unicycle.tv


for the uni, i think for flatland two things are really important… the seat (carbon fiber is the best) with a thin foam and cranks… i tried a lot of cranks for crankroll tricks…
here’s the classification of how i feel cranks for crankroll from the better to the badder:

  1. koxx one street cranks
  2. koxx one trial cranks
  3. kris holm moment cranks
  4. quax trial cranks

but that’s only MY opinion just try to test a lot of unis and you’ll see which parts on which uni you prefer

edit: on a flatland uni a long neck frame is a plus :wink:

– bobousse

thank you…and great vid again…i watched it a second time and notice the full unicpin to double crank roll ibelieve rly rly good…

that was super sick.

Cool vid. You’re really good :slight_smile:

yeah its pretty sick, i like the music, hilltophoods is the best…

sick 360 into rolling wrap!

thanks for all your comments guys :slight_smile: :smiley:


I liked the music, and also how you have really long lines. It shows that you are very consitant with your tricks.

And nice 540 unispins, im getting close to landed one.

sick video, i liked it.
nice long lines.

Loved it! That beginning part was awesome, as were the tons of tricks.

I dig it.


Wasn’t that a 720 @ 3:49? :astonished: :thinking:

ya i dident notice that but i think it is a 720

Its a 540.

I really like this vid, the long lines are really cool.

hehe no it’s ONLY :smiley: :smiley: a 540 unispin haha

very nice

So, he started out backwards and landed forwards, right, then did that 360?

yes he started out backwards… and no it wasn’t a 360 it was a treyflip, i wouldn’t have put a 360 in slow motion just after a 540…

– bobousse