[flat] back once again

here’s my new flatland vid haha
comments appreciated

– bobousse

mon pied a touché une fois… je vois ou tu dis et en fait quand j’ai filmé le combo je m’en etais meme pas rendu compte…, mon poids n’etait meme pas sur la jambe


Really nice video Bob:D like every video of you!

The Editing was really cool and there were some awesome perspectives in it;)

I want to ride with you again :roll_eyes: haha

Keep it up!


d-d-dope, man. That was very enjoyable, love this edit.

cool combos

great riding!!!

I got one thing to say.


That was so good, awesome job! I love your riding, really creative stuff.

really nice flat there!!

favourite part was the seat in back sw ww - leg wrap - sw ww :smiley:

awesome combo’s

Flat scrap

Sooooooooooo Cooooooooool

I love how you string it all together, not smooth, but really mooooving!

Cool stuff. And that’s the new Addict uni no?

Great! but your foot clearly hit the ground at 1:40, that destroyed it a bit… but still amazing sidejumps :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed this video. The combos were fresh, and nice looking. The varialroll-double stepover would have been so sick if your foot hadn’t hit:p

I <3 it :slight_smile:

you have a very nice style. i really like every vid of you:)

One of the best video I’ve seen lately. Awesome, with so much stuff I’ ve never seen!
Really a good work, with the editing too