flat and street with a 16 inches Unicycle

now in winter is outside a lot of snow so we must drive in our cellar.
we filmed a lot but only with the little unicycle her it is:

(sorry for my bad english):frowning:

1radler (Raphael)

lol it’s grat wow
But outside there is no snow…

Raphael! That was awesome!

Awesome 540 unispin! Awesome flatland! You are so talented…I want to see a trials vid from you though!

And nice seatpost…one jazy 16" uni.

Keep it Up!


thats not easy!
i’m not allowed to lay pallets in our cellar

haha im sure, but next spring please :slight_smile:


Cool! These 16" videos are really cool to watch cause you just whip them around like crazy!

Nice movie, you have a cool cellar.

It’s a Qu-ax “reinforced”
I have the same, but it’s cracking.

Peter M


lol where did you get such a small uni. and where did you get a fat tire for 16".

good vid, whats so good about a 16" anyways?

Its easier to chuck around so you can do bigger tricks. And its good for small kids.

UDC carries splined 16"s now, the fat tire can be bought at MDC.

where did these guys get such small riders? they make that 16"er look like a 24"er…

what kind was that though?..it didnt look like the nimbus.

Wow, that was actually a decent vid. i expected it to be a whole lot worse. you are very talented, it was good.

that was awesome!

I really want to get one of those, they look fun to play around on.

Nice vid, keep up the good work:)

it is a quax standart with a KH seat and a weldet frame in green.

Awesome, I really liked it. You are getting pretty good, keep it up. Flat is fun:)

wow, that was so cool.
the frame looks a bit like a black domina:p just green
sweet flatlanding


I bet your parent’s main concern is tracking in dirt from outside. They’d may let you build a few props, then clean them well and use them indoors only. Some sandwich boards, boxes, and a couple of skinnies.