Flat and Street riding - Christian Brink

Enjoy and drop a comment :smiley:

Dude AMAZING riding. My favorite was at 2:00 what do you call it.
Cant say i like the song.

Pretty sick, dude.

Last trick is interesting… I don’t dislike it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice video! The combo using the slot in the ground was really cool! I liked the edit a lot too!

Everything was INSANE! I loved it all, expecially the last combo. I just think its really cool when people think outside the box with tricks. :sunglasses:

Thanks a lot guys! :smiley:

Thanks! I dont know what it’s called i guess i have to name it!?! When you chose a song not everyone is gonna like it… but I think that a lot of people on my age really like this kind of music :slight_smile:

Sick Christian! Fifthdub and 9side were dope :smiley: I kinda liked the last trick, the hopping bit looks like you could hurt your seat, but the transition in was sick. I wonder if it would be doable to go straight from standing on the seat back to pedals, maybe flick the seat with your feet to get it to come around and then throw the tire down? Would definitely be hard, but awesome.

Oh and I liked the music too!

It’s awesome!:slight_smile: I want do say something about all the tricks becaue they were all realy sick! But my thread will get to long then…:stuck_out_tongue:
Keep it up man!

I also thought about that, but i seems almost impossible. With the right technique i bet it’s possible :slight_smile: