flat adrien delecroix

new video de flat!


Tres bien Adrien!
I love flat videos at the moment that was so good i am going to learn some of it, hope you got back to france ok after BUC, say high to your parents


this riding is realy good, its good to see you on the forums

thumbs up

bye bye Dale

wow trop bien la video, franchement j’suis impressione.


just thought id refresh this because i don’t think it got enough credit, its a quality video and only 3 people have replied, when ive seen a lot poorer videos get tuns

yes lucas is right a really good movie!

the music fits also good maybe you like to upload it on http://www.unicycle.tv?

i liked those hopping on wheel tricks and the unispins most

Wow, those tricks were great, but they were kind of all over the place, if you know what I mean. I try to keep everything on one line, riding either forward or backward. But anyway, it was still amazing! Keep it up.

That was really cool, good job. I want to learn a lot of that stuff.

i really like it!! it was excellent to meet you and see you ride at the buc. i look up to you- i like flat-riding a lot and would love to progress like you have. keep up the good work.:slight_smile:

I loved the Treyflips, I just learned them.
really loved the Trey fakie flip.

well done, great variations

adrien delecroix

thank you in all the world for your comments and large a thank you with Lucas. à soon.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Nice Video!

Are there any street tricks that you didn’t do in that video? haha.

It’s a nice vid yeah, maybe we will meet at the BBQ within 2 weeks :wink:

Peter M


Salut merci pour ton commentaire, c’est vrai je répond en français parce que mon anglais n’est pas terrible mais j’y travaille beaucoup pour répondre à ta question mon cadre c’est un koxx one freetricks, merci à bientôt:)