[flat] Adrien and Spencer

Just a short vid of Adrien and me riding while I was in France.

this is going to be good, imma watch it now.
like i said, really good.


very nice video, its not too long so i could actually enjoy the flatland without getting bored of it. Congrats on making an entertaining video.

wow dude that was so techy

adrien your double rolling wrap into varial roll into outside roll from wheel was sick!!

spencer i loved the sexchange double into backroll and the inward varial roll

amazing riding boys
jon A

Super fancy. Kinda at at loss for better words.

That was so amazing. you guys are both crazy good

Agreed. probably my favorite part.


he said it all, props!

Probobly the most entertaining flat vid I’ve ever seen.

Loved it! It really inspired me to learn some flat.

That was cool. Some really sweet lines in there…looks like a cool place to ride…music was intresting…kinda repetitive…Cool video though.


Wow. I’m stunned.

you’ve outdone yourself again spencer…sick…so smooth

Simply amazing :astonished: sweet combos!

wow that was sick! i loved the double sex change to backroll

you boys are stylish cats! i don’t know the names of all of the tricks but i can tell when you guys are trying, and when you’re being innovative and creative with your lines.

hey, so cool video, very good combos, really like the flow!


That’s cool!! I add it to favorits on youtube :astonished:

real nice to both of you! was great meeting you spencer! and well adrien is just awesome !

Great Video

Spencer, what are the exact settings you use when you export videos? Might sound strange but I’ve been playing around with these settings recently and I’m just wondering what you use.

me loved it man that was some supercool shizit. it’s going to be great material for me to study :smiley: