[flat] A day ride

hey every one
just made this small vid yesterday cause i wont have time to do a big one for wuko, so i made this one so that people can wait for the next one :stuck_out_tongue: which will be out like two/three month after wuko
don’t expect for big tricks, it’s just stuff i like to do when i train



– bobousse

great video bobousse
I love your flat style :wink:

Great stuff, I loved the location and the trick at 0:53 blew me away. What do you call that?

it’s just a one rev sideways coasting to 360 unispin

Well it was very smooth, Good job! :slight_smile:

Nice riding! How do you strap your uni on your bike?

i just use a sandow

Nice to see some flat vid from you again, nice riding. I like your creative style :wink: . yeah, you have really good place to ride.

Just awesome !

yes this place is just really good to ride
whatever the weather is, even if there’s wind snow or rain you can still ride

thanks for your comments guys

– bobousse

nice video!