Flat [3]

I am horrible at naming videos.

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best flat vid ever.

Flat = Yuck. Sweet editing though.

Sweet video.

Side idle seems to open up some good combinations/variations.

yeh crank idol was wkd id never thought about putting it into a street or flat run, good plan, quality filming and editing i so want to get a better camera just because of your videos xx

awesome video. lots of different film places.

here it is on youtube


Oh my GOSH that was freakin awesome!!!

Sweet video but I got distracted by all the unis… the one with the orange rim is a black domina frame I think? And then with the blue pedals that must be one of Evan’s inventions I think… but what the hell is Matt riding?

Wow amazing, couldn’t get over how good that was.

what an awesome vid! that was so cool.
alot of great flat moves and combos

Nice tricks. Love yer videos. Not too fond of that song tho.

Haha, that spider ate it. :smiley:

Good video, but I think your 05 KH cranks need some spline greasing. They sound very creaky.

yet another amazingly smooth video, great job spencer. I envy your flat skills.

This is how i’m going to grade things, just thought of it kinda, could be interesting.

Skill (compared to everything out there) - 4/5 (really techy, some things repeated, some things i’ve seen from other peeps already, some brand new combos)
Style - 2/5 (Some clips were clean, most were stetchy)
Filming - 5/5
Music - 4/5
Editing - 5/5

Total Feel - 4/5

spencer, do you have any footage from your ride with xav collos?

Unfortunately no, we were stupid enough to not bring our video camera with us when riding. We did get some photographs though.

I agree!
There were lots of things I’ve never seen before.

Fantastic! How many hours a week do you ride on average?

Awsome skills man.

Edit: whats up with Matt’s frame, it’s got like a double crown.