[Flat] <3 Unicycling

I can’t post it on UTV because of the format I rendered in…:o
I really pushed myself for some of the tricks in this video. I hope you all enjoy.

-Eli Brill


You are good i just started that was sweet dude

Words can’t describe your progression, skill, and heart for this sport man. You are the most talented flat rider in the world IMO, and I hate that you’re 15. And that you get all the women, hint hint you know what I mean you pimp. Lol jk. Actually no jk. Dude I hate you for that, and for the amazing riding you have bestowed upon us.

Grace us more often Sir Brill.


That was some awesome stuff dude, i love watching vids by you. haha i think ill do a call-out vid just so i can see vid from you every month :D. But really thats insane everything you do on flat, i cant believe how far you are taking unicycling.

oh and what colby said about you being so sexy, i must agree haha

Thanks so much, everyone!

And Jacob, there will be lots more videos. I film ALL the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude! I’m lovin this video every couple of days thing, after each one I think “There’s no way he can top that!” But then you always do. And I always favorite them and watch before I ride. :slight_smile:

Edit: I also really like how you never underflip anything, all your flips are clean. Or even slightly overflipped.

dude i still want your unicycle so bad… epic bro… epic

Wow !! Awesome skills … loved the mid-air reversed crank flip, if that’s what one would call it :slight_smile:

your a nutcase man, thats so so sick. cant believe the progression people get when they are between 14 - 16 :stuck_out_tongue: crazy learning times…

Thanks for the comments!

Mikiah, you need to get a flat wheel, dude. They’re amazing.

I love it

That hurt to watch. I had no idea what you were landing, but each time I knew you landed something really nice. I hate you, now that the bar has been set higher. I have no idea how I’ll get to where you’re at.
Give us more videos, please.

Thanks guys :smiley:

@JohnnyReggae: If you mean the crankflip to backflip its called a flip-underflip. The one with the backwards flip into the kickflip I’ve decided to call a “Rewind Flip.” :slight_smile:

And Julia, my biggest problem with the outsej was actually to get only one flip. At one point I actually started aiming to land switch because I just repeatedly got 1.5. I rode like a half rev out of a sej1.5 then I fell of because I was so surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

Sick video! Totally know what you mean about overflipping it, just about every time I try fifth’s I overflip it.

Question: Is a kickflip where you do a 180 unispin and half way through you kick the wheel so it does a flip? 'Cause I’ve always called that a kick-hick lol, I assumed a kickflip had no spin on it.


just imagine how good you’ll when you’re like 20 if you keep it up. at your rate, you’ll be doing something like 2160s and 6flips at the same time by then… :astonished:

Thanks, everyone. These kinds of comments make me feel like going out to ride and film some more hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

@Tim3: Yes, a kickflip is with the unispin :stuck_out_tongue: Without the unispin is called a Vanflip. :smiley:


wow, that was really cool. thumbs up for song and editing. I kind of can´t say anything to the riding because I can´t even do a unispin, but bails must have hurt! is a “blind” thrown with the unfamiliar hand or what? or closed eyes oO

well, I´m almost 22. Feels kinda old. Did you get a thinner tire and did you raise your seatpost? looks like that.

Blind is spinning opposite of a riders comfortable direction.

Thanks, man. I am riding a KH flatland unicycle. My tire is thinner than a trials tire. I actually lowered my seat a little bit :stuck_out_tongue: