Flat 1

(in keeping with everyone else numbering their flat vids):smiley:

Youtube (watch in high quality)


The extra 15 secs of blankness is WMMs fault. I used it to compress the vid and for some reason it added the extra blank spot on it.

Well, Enjoy!

I loved it! you are better than me at rollingwraps already!

Nice job! I like how you kick out around 1min 12sec, and the camera trick near the end where you moved the camera from one view to another.

sweet vid man… you have done team spencer proud :sunglasses:

Wow. Cool. Looks hard… I like the “pan around” the tennis court effects.

Awesome good job. You picked that stuff up pretty fast.
Not sure I like this video naming trend;)

I’m surprised you can do the no push wrap walk but had so much trouble with the doublewarp walk. Don’t forget flatland isnt all about rolls. Sweetness, awaiting flat 2. (and your next flat vid WILL be named flat 2 :D)

He had those Si tire step overs and the 180 to 1 foot on tire to 180 off… I am so close to no push wrap but i am no where as close to doubles.

I need to remember that flat is about rolls though… super wrap before varial roll or outside roll…

Beast Vid Man :astonished:

Upload the HD for them though

yeah… this name trend should stop :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed this vid.

Chris, I think that the no push rolling wrap is much much easier than a double rolling wrap, at least for me.

Better music than usual :wink:

Do you always do inside/outside rolls from the tire/frame like that? That’s how I do em.


That was quite impressive.

Really? As soon as I figured out how to work the push with the back leg I was doing quad rolling wraps within a few days after only being able to do singles and occasional doubles.

Nice vid. I dont understand why everybody have a hard time doing no push tricks, they are easier. but they dont look better.

Naw, not for me. I think it may be that my actual balance is inferior to many flat riders, as street doesn’t take ALL that much balance, and flat is ALL about balance. Or at least so it seems. Perhaps you are naturally better at balancing and thus can do longer combos but not as techy, where it’s the other way around for me? This is just a random guess I pulled out of my ass so I could be completely wrong.

Loved it, you’ve got some flow going. I especially liked the panoramic filming thing you did.

great vid all around-good riding,filming,editing.