Flat #1

Just messing around really.

No editing, just felt like posting some flat to see what you guys think.


(Street styles is still coming by the way :stuck_out_tongue: just waiting for the good stuff).

awesome vid. your good.


That was pretty good. Liked the song. You are definitely better than I am at rolly stuff.

that was pretty cool. Nice riding dude.

You were saggin’ your shorts a bit lol…

Sweet, Great quality.

very good video, good quality!
Some tricks never seen, they see that you perseveres!

Very good! Nice to see someone from NZ/Aus doing Flat.

You couldnt resist doing a flip could you chris :p.Nice vid btw :smiley:

Great vid, good shots, and it was edited.

Lol yeah I guess it was still edited.

And yeah, the magic hat isnt nessesary at times.

I have new shorts now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments.

1:23 was the shit.

Awesome riding all around… I also liked that tire thing… Tire variations look so good in flat lines.

How come I’ve missed this vid? Anyways, it was totally awesome, and you’re totally awesome too. I went like :astonished: @ 1:00 and 1:23. Great job dude

Yeah people seem to like that little move lol. Dunno if it has a name.

I don’t see how 1:23 is even possible.

That must violate the law of gravity or something.

next gonna be freestyle??? you kick ass
EDIT: 1:00 is my fav.

that’s the wrong you’re. you should have said you’re good.

good work christian.

Should get him this shirt.:wink:

Yeah he said “your good” meaning, all the “good” in the universe belongs to me! MWUHAHA :smiley:

hahaha. what a stupid shirt