Flash Mob ideas

I’m looking for ideas for a Flash Mob video. Several are available on You Tube, but unicyclists tend to think outside the box, so I turn to you for an idea. It might be hard outside of a convention to get enough unicyclists in one place to get a large group flash mob activity going.

Suggestions? Taking over a roundabout for 2 minutes while 50 or more unicyclists circle endlessly? Traffic laws say if you are in the roundabout you have the right of way. I don’t want to be rude or confrontational like the critical mass folk tend to be, thus the 2 minute limit. Even that might be too long for motorists to hold their positions.

Bursting into song would be hard if not impossible to orchestrate.

Unicycling groups are so out of the ordinary, just having a group of them riding through a busy area would be enough to make the the event memorable. Circling a fountain might be fun.

A well positioned video camera, music and a bunch of unicycles has potential for an amusing event.

What has been done? What could be done?

I did a You Tube tour and found a number of ideas that may be more appropriate for my bicycling club. Several groups did Lawn Chair drill teams that were amusing, some motorcycle drill teams had good routines mostly doing a u-turn then a crossing pattern that looked good.

I couldn’t find video of the unicycling clubs around.

I should be out riding.

I’ve always wanted to be part of a flash mob event and unicycling one would be ace. :smiley:

How about unicyclists bursting into song.

sings one wheel on my my wagon and I’m still rolling along… :wink:

Join us for the next San Francisco Uni Tour. It’s basically 20 or so unicyclists doing one 40 mile long flash mob all over San Francisco. Here’s one of my favorite pics from the mini SF Uni Tour during the U Games this past summer. (Not the official SF Uni Tour in September) We just happened across a wedding and became part of the celebration.