Flash for EUC

Today we could finaly make Adriens new video online. It was made for EUC10 video competition but for technical reason it cant be presented there. So here it is :slight_smile:

As comment from Adrien I like to add this also:

“I would like to say a big thanks to Gautier Gacon who took and spent a lot of time to film and edit this video. And thanks to cdk”

As I was asked several time for format error at utv I want to explain that with right mouse click on the video you can change the way of stretching to the right format.

that vid was sooo amazing!

I really love the ninthflip!!! 180unispin-lateonefootrev was awesome too!

That was a pretty sweet video… Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.

Hick(late rev)overflip, 450 sidespin out of crossed hopping on wheel, and ninth(spencer)flip were nice.

wow ninth flip, side-sejflip,… (al the tricks were insane!!):slight_smile:
the editing and music were also pretty good :roll_eyes:

The editing and the flow were insane.
The tricks were also pretty good.

I loved the way this video was filmed and edited. It had an amazing feel, and left me feeling good inside.

The tricks were obviously insane too.:smiley:

Woah :astonished:

Adrien ride 125’s rigth?


Best vid from Adri for sure… Nice editing and filming… Good to see videos without on tripod cams and stuff like that!

That was really awesome!

Just an all-around awesome video. Filming and editing were mint, and the riding was just perfect.

Filming was really cool, I liked the intro aswell. The sejside was soo clean, and so was the ninthflip. Too bad for the interlaced footage tho.

Who filmed this?

“I would like to say a big thanks to Gautier Gacon who took and spent a lot of time to film and edit this video.[”/QUOTE]

Yeah I saw that after but it was too late to edit my post. Now I have to watch that video again. No download button? :frowning:

Was there a 990 in there?

Was that really a ninthflip? i rewinded, and think so. but i´m not really sure. Awesome riding, he´s an incredible unicyclist. but i didn´t really LOVE the video. but it was really great for sure.

He´s riding 125, yes.

wow, that riding was sick.
He is really conistant with all these tricks.
Filming and music choise were also pretty good.
But i wouldn’t say that the editing was so “insane” like some said.
There were just the clips put. No effects, transitions, titles …etc. Just my opinion.
But all in all an awesome vid (:

I called the editing insane and the riding pretty good, because Tim Desmet, who posted just above me, called the riding insane and the editing and music choice pretty good, to show that I enjoyed the filming/music choice/editing and such more than the tricks. I wouldn’t normally call it insane either. ;):slight_smile:

I really like how it was edited, it is different from normal. Usually when people make street or flat videos it is really flashy but this was more subtle and artsy. I think its refreshing to see something different, and of course Adrien’s riding is amazing.

I agree with Spencer about the editing.
The song choice and filming worked enough for me.

BUT I also agree with Raphael, the editing could have been better. Not necessarily made flashier, but it could have been better with a few titles, the sponsor logos changed, etc.
I love the sponsor logos in Raphaels vids.

But yeah, awesome vid. The tech flips and consistancy on flat are insane as usual.

Adrien needs to push big street more, the flip over the bench was my fave and his early caught flips are awesome, def perfect skills to push big street, hes just too addicted to flatland :stuck_out_tongue: Rail at the end was good to see too, even tho you didn’t land it.