Flash Flood MUni!!!

Wow! Wet & Wild MUni today at Sullivan Canyon…or I should say, RIVER!

Flash flooding with fast moving streams that were/are carving out a completely NEW trail…by the minute! What it looked like when I started was quite different when I returned. BUT WHAT CRAZY FUN!!! This time I thought I’d let the canyon supply the “music”, so it’s in Natural surround sound! :smiley:

Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed riding/swimming it! Comments appreciated.

hahaahah the water running sound the whole vid is peaceful.

looks like it was a lot of fun.

i loled when you hopped off the dirt thingy and then some dirt collapsed and you pointed.

you should totally do some 36ing in this wetness…but if u do be prepared to have water slung all over your back haahaha.

looks like fun

That looked like to much fun. The next time it floods around here i will have to go out to the creak. I’m not much of a muni rider, but il have to try rideing down muddy flooded trails now.

at 1:14 I was thinking you would jump into that big puddle

That was just like my ride today! Sydneys had a real downpour the last few days and all the creeks and rivers are flooding. Messaged my friends to find out if our planned ride was still on and the answer was “Rain , Hail or Shine” (Now thats a keen muniist.LOL) Glad to know there are other peoples in the world just like us. Can totally relate to how much fun you had. So much water really makes it seem like a whole different track. Glad you captured on video how much fun it is going out in the rain.Didnt think to video any of our ride today.

Thanks. Yeah I’ve ridden my 36er down there after the rain, but it was never that flooded! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, it’s a blast! :smiley:

haha, it was pretty deep right there, and I was trying to keep my hub above water as much as possible. :o
I did think of an idea
that next time I ride there if it’s still really wet, I might switch out my good bearings for old ones, so I wouldn’t mind getting them totally soaked! :slight_smile:

I was hesitant to film because I was worried I might drown my camera, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know about flash floods, but if its just rain, a plastic bag is effective.

Even with the amount of rain England will inevitably get this year… it will not turn out like that. And that is upsetting really. Muddy rainy Muni is great, although its about the only type of Muni here in winter, spring, autumn, and often summer actually.

Even my computer screen was soggy after watching your video Terry! Fun and I loved the sound of nature and rainwater.!!!
Ghaaaa … you are one-soggy-bottomed-MUni-lovin’-ditch-hoppin-video-makin-uni-crazy-always-going-feller.
I love ya’ for it!!!

Haha, or a camera “condom”? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah riding in non-clay, wet & muddy conditions is super fun! Today I made sure to wear older shoes, and used old bearings since they’d get soaked. Also I had extra shoes, socks, shirt and towel in my trunk, to change after the ride. :smiley:

Haha, thanks Sean! I always enjoy reading your creative, colorful comments! And I could not imagine life without MUni! :o:):smiley:


Terry has a solution for filming everything!:smiley:

That guy is Crazy! Running like that in the water(1:07):stuck_out_tongue:

+1 about that you should go ride your Coker there:)

I have, many times. Just not when it was that wet. :smiley:

Going with the flow (coker MUni)

A Coker Canyon Christmas!

Big Wheel Unicycling

From last year,

Nature is in the process of creating it’s own trail again!

Hopefully it will better than before.:smiley:

Nice one terry. Really enjoyed it!

I was there again today and thanks to the heavy rains of late, it’s being transformed into an even better trail than before! T

Thanks Michael! (I was surprised to see this video bumped again, lol. :slight_smile: )

Haha. Yah. Been gone awhile so I haven’t been on. I usually like your videos so whenever I see one I’m sure to view and comment.:slight_smile:

Thanks Michael, I really appreciate it, and glad to have you back on the forums! :slight_smile: