Flansberrium unicycles

I have no suggestions regarding the fatty 36" but if you create one, I expect a lot of pictures. I do agree with the “weight-schmeidt” comment. I was a weight weenie until I discovered how fun and addicting the fat tire is. I never want to stop riding. My rides may be 1-2mph slower with a fat tire, but I’m never bored (even on road rides), I’m always challenged, and I get a better workout. I recommend a fatty to all.

I’m going to step off my soap box now. :slight_smile:

If someone has 2 36er rim to donate… I’d be really really realllllyyyy happy to contribute for the welding of the beasty rim :smiley:

Just curious what tire would be used with a wide rim like that. Seems like a custom-width wheel is the “easy” part of the equation. Nurse Ben and Saskatchewanian have both made forays into the hand-made tire arena, but I’m not sure that’s proven to be a reliable solution. Thoughts on this?

Thats easy lance, Id sew two floaters together. Might not be super durable, but I think bens lasted about a year.

Knoxuni was working on a fatty 36er a while back, I don’t know how far he got though.

As usual saskatchewanian is one step ahead of everyone. 36er fatty rim.


I saw this in my LBS yesterday, made by Specialized called FatBoy. The tire is 26"x4.6". Is this the kind of tire you guys are playing around with?

Wow! I can’t believe Specialized made their own fat tire.

EDIT: Now that I look at that picture, it looks a lot like the Ground Control tire I tried. It SUCKED for unicycling, if I’m remembering right. It went every which way, except the way I wanted it to go. :-/ Hopefully they make more tires, because I like Specialized S-Works tires.

EDIT AGAIN: NEVERMIND! I was thinking of the Butcher. The regular XC Ground Control tire is awesome. I bet the fat one is just is fun. Sorry for all of the mess-ups.

Found it on Specialized website.

Size, weight and price seem similar to other fat tires. The tread reminds me of the Surly Lou.

Let’s wait and see how much volume it has, how heavy it really is and how it rides. If it’s similar to the Surly Lou, it would be nice.

To whoever gives it a try: do not forget to write you feedback in the fat tires review thread :wink:

Last chance for a 29er+!

Hello everyone!

I’ve got one last 29er+ to sell! It currently doesn’t have a disk tab welded on so it is your choice to have it welded on either side for the setup you want!

Shoot me a PM if you’ve been waiting for a 29er+! :slight_smile:

PM sent.

Ja, this is my Specialized Fatboy and my inspiration for a fat uni. The tread pattern on the Ground Control is much like the Lou, but with slightly less volume. I love the b*ke, but can’t yet afford the wheel build for my Flansberrium frame. Hopefully, I’ll have it ready to roll after Christmas.

That’s whoasome!
Yet at the same time, I can’t help but think “what’s the point of a bike with huge tires?”… :thinking:
At the same time, I can totally see the point on a unicycle.
Maybe I should try one.

Oh. My. God. :astonished:

LOOK AT ALL OF THAT PURPLE!! That’s beautiful. I thought about building a fat bike but after calculating the cost, I realized a nice fat uni would be about 1/10 the cost. :slight_smile: plus, I’m not entirely sure I know how to ride a bike anymore.

Can I ask what you used for the purple rim tape?

Hmm, I contemplated(ing) a fat bike and thought the cost of a uni was more like 1/3, but maybe yours would be entirely carbon or something.

As far as why a fat bike, I’d say that many of the reasons for a fat uni apply. You do get some suspension, and I think Surly’s use of the word ‘Omniterra’ is very fitting.

Well if I’m ever going to build a fat bike, I’m going to go big. :slight_smile: For example, Triton just built a fat tire frame. If you’re still contemplating, that’s an option! :slight_smile:

I’d be getting a Surly if I ever did get one. Can’t beat 4130.

Yes, you can, with 7005 !!

OK, I am out… =>

I am not going into this… Both are good, they both have advantages. My fatbike is 4130 and I love it. Buuuuut… speaking of bikes, surly geometries suck haha. This is why mine is based on a 9Zero7.

On another note, here’s my last frame of the season. My new light Flansberrium ANGR (Absolutely No Good Reason) with Internal Routing for the brake. I haven’t weight the frame alone, or the whole uni with the new frame, but last time it was standing at 11,8lbs (5,4kg) for the whole uni with the Quick Release frame! :slight_smile:

Do you think you will be making more frames in the new year?