Flansberrium super fat for sale - maybe

I may be up for selling my monster truck Flansberrium uni with a super wide Vee Tire Snowshoe 2XL. The build was a labor of love, so I’m still a bit torn. The wheel is a super light DT Swiss BR710 with competition double butted spokes. You can build one yourself for about $1500. See component list in spreadsheet. Or you can buy this one - no labor charge :slight_smile:

On the road, it rides like a super cushioned 32". Has an awesome rumble sound. I’ve clocked it against the Apache slick. Slighty slower due to the rolling resistance, but better control. Off road, tons of traction and float. Can’t really think of anything else it could possibly need. A motor?

This is a teaser - as I said, I’m still torn. But if you’re interested, DM me to push me over the edge.

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 1.59.12 PM


Kinda scared to ask… where is this?

Hey Ted he is American.

Shipped me a studded fat tire a while ago (was probably the winter tire for this unicycle). It got to Canada without issue and I think he even declared it as used, I didn’t have to pay any surprise duties or brokerage fees anyway.

This looks like a pretty great build.

No takers? I am no longer of the fence and am ready to sell this. USA only due to shipping constraints.

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