Flansberrium fatty

Hey all, let me preface this by saying it has nothing to do with Jakob or his abilities. This unicycle has been great and the workmanship is excellent. However, when I decided I wanted a frame to fit a bigger tire, Jakob was not yet making the new run, and I’m an impatient person (ask Fugsworth).

So, I don’t have much use for two fatties, and I’m trying to consolidate my collection, and this one will be going unfortunately.

I paid a hair over $300 for the frame originally, plus another $7-800 in assorted widgets.

Parts list is as follows:

KH Freeride
Nimbus Shadow handle (with Oury grip)
Avid Speed Dial 7 brake lever
Jagwire brake line and housing
Nimbus Double bolt clamp
TRP Spyre brake
165/137 spirit cranks
Nimbus 100mm 32h hub
Surly Rolling Daryl polished rim
Orange Surly rim strip
DT swiss spokes
Orange On One Floater tire (second one studded available)
Tubeless wheelset using split tube
Decals that say “Pennywise” and “Bango Skank”, easily removable

I’m asking $700



First Flansberrium for sale used… I’m glad you liked it. I wish I would’ve been ready on time for the ultra-fat-fatty! Enjoy your new monster. I hope the Flansberrium will get a new home soon :slight_smile:

Holy crap, 700 is a steal. That’s cheaper than an Oregon new. . .

PM sent.

I am so tempted however the US dollar and shipping will screw me so will need to wait a while longer.

Sold and pending shipment.