Flansberrium 26 x 4.7 on Surly Clownshoe

So, It’s springtime and thinking about rotating some one wheel for two wheel stock. I have a bunch of Unicycles. This is a one of a kind custom Muni that may or may not appeal to you all. A Flansberrium Ti 26x4.7. The saddle is one of only a few Wallis CF handles with deathgrip and nubbie. It’s had a couple beach rides and one neglectful winter road trip with some salt accumulation around rotor bolts. Assured it is still rock solid and mostly cosmetic TLC it needs. I know what I spent which is far from what its worth, willing to listen to reasonable offers. I would prefer to meet for pick up in New England USA, rather than partially dismantle and ship. Flansberrium26|375x500


what is the price range you’re expecting?

PM sent. Maybe it would like to come back to the factory :upside_down_face:

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Can you tell me what’s that seatpost?

the seatpost is most likely the thompson seatpost that Scott Wallis used on all of his CF bases

Pm’d you.

That’s a nice Ti frame! Not interested in parting it out are you?

Hi- So much effort, time and money went into this build that I wouldn’t want to dismantle for the sake of a frame sale. The other parts would likely never find a frame or new home.

This is not a Ti frame, it’s 7005-T6 aluminum! Still lighter than others on the market though :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


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