Flangeless unicycle hubs

was just looking at hubs on customriders.com and came across this front bmx hub https://www.customriders.com/prodshow.asp?prodid=9901&cat=0&parent=0&sid=3

and I was woundering how they would last as a unicycle hub…

and weather or not KH should make them or at least think about it

also how it work or how it wouldn’t…

If I understand it correctly you need to remove the hub body to add a spoke. This would be a bit of a pain on a unicycle as you would need to remove at least one crank and bearing to get at the spoke holes.

The other complication is that they use strait pull spokes which are considerably harder to get in odd sizes.

I would be willing to bet you would get a slightly stronger build laterally but with the low “flange” height it would not transfer torque as efficiently and might be hard on the spokes when unicycling.

On the other hand strait pull spokes don’t tend to brake at the bend like regular spokes, since they don’t have any.

My vote is: cook idea but not enough advantage for the trouble. I like things being standardized so we can mix and match parts as we see fit.

I’ve got a BC wheel with such a hub of Primo.
One big advantage it has is that it has bolts that go into the hollow ax, ans so are much more friendly to your bones.

I’m patenting 2 designs to make those work for regular direct driven unicycles, but which will be costly to realize.

Straight spokes? Nope. Think further, or have a look:

(that wheel costed me around $300 …!)

Absolutely, unless you make the “flange” same size to what you are comparing it with.

When lacing my wheel, it just felt perfectly. Very hard to describe the difference to a normal flange, but much more fitting correct, more rigid, stiff without tention.
Though I have to mention last time I made this particular pattern was long ago, probably as a kid, around 25 years ago. Usually I have cross 1, or cross 3.

I used to have one of these shimano hubs on my mountain bike

it takes normal spokes and they just slot into the hub body, it worked pretty well and so may be worth considering



thanks everyone. but what if you have the normal locked hub on the unicycle but a cone spacer (http://tinyurl.com/2bjt4vp or these http://tinyurl.com/25t3k4q) to screw in the space where the spokes go on. and they could also act as a back spacer for the bearing… It would make it a bit harder to build the wheel but you dont really know until you have done it for sure…